Tengah District

Tengah District

Novo Place EC, strategically nestled in the innovative Tengah estate, positions itself at the forefront of urban planning and green living. As Singapore’s first smart and sustainable town, Tengah’s ambitious master plan promises a revitalized lifestyle centered around nature and community, with Novo Place EC benefitting greatly from its proximity to this pioneering district.

Strategic Location and the Vision of Tengah

Tengah, often referred to as the “Forest Town,” is designed to be a model for future townships, focusing on sustainability, community, and connectivity. Its vision includes creating a car-lite town center, extensive public parks, and a smart energy management system. Novo Place EC, located just a stone’s throw away from the heart of Tengah, is perfectly positioned to leverage all these futuristic amenities. Residents of Novo Place EC will find themselves in a unique position to enjoy a quality of life enhanced by cutting-edge urban planning.

Green Living and Eco-Friendly Innovations

Novo Place EC’s proximity to Tengah District means that residents will have direct access to several green initiatives integrated within the district. These include the “Community in Gardens” initiative, where every housing district in Tengah will feature community gardens and farms, and the “Forest Corridor,” which forms part of a larger ecological pathway connecting the Western and Central Catchment areas. This proximity to nature not only provides a serene environment but also promotes a healthier, eco-friendly lifestyle, aligning with global sustainability trends.

Advanced Urban Solutions

Tengah’s plan incorporates smart technologies across various aspects of living. This includes automated waste collection, centralized cooling systems, and integrated digital infrastructure, which will be a part of daily life for Novo Place EC residents. These technologies aim to improve efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint of the community, setting a new standard for residential living.

Connectivity and Accessibility

The location near Tengah enhances Novo Place EC’s connectivity. The planned Tengah MRT station, part of the upcoming Jurong Region Line, will provide residents with seamless access to other parts of Singapore. Additionally, the existing road network and the future developments planned for transport within and around Tengah will ensure that Novo Place EC is well-connected not only to the rest of Tengah but also to major business hubs and leisure destinations.

Amenity-Rich Environment

Living next to Tengah District means that residents of Novo Place EC will enjoy proximity to a plethora of amenities. These include new shopping malls, sports facilities, educational institutions, and healthcare services that are being developed as part of the Tengah master plan. The district is set to become a self-sufficient hub with all modern conveniences and recreational facilities, making it an ideal location for families and working professionals alike.

Community and Lifestyle

The community-centric design of Tengah, with its emphasis on neighborhood green spaces, communal farming, and pedestrian-friendly pathways, fosters a strong sense of community and belonging. For residents of Novo Place EC, this means living in an environment where social interactions and community bonding are part of everyday life. The design and amenities encourage active and social lifestyles, while the safe, inclusive layout makes it suitable for all ages and family sizes.

Novo Place EC offers an unparalleled opportunity to be part of Singapore’s next-generation eco-town. The proximity to Tengah District not only ensures that residents can enjoy a lifestyle that’s in harmony with nature but also have access to all modern conveniences and technological advancements. This makes Novo Place EC not just a home but a smart investment into a future where sustainable living and community values form the core of everyday life.

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